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When Don was a boy, his father told him to pay attention in school because he would never get a job reading comic books and watching cartoons. Don dutifully majored in film and journalism then landed at Warner Bros. Television where his job description included…wait for it…reading comics and watching cartoons.

Over the last 30 years, Don has melded his impressive people, marketing, technical, and writing skills to deliver stellar online marketing results to organizations ranging from mom & pops, to nonprofits to Fortune 500s. He has been excelling with SEO and online advertising since before Google. He was involved in social media since the dial up days of 2400 baud modems. His data and testing-driven approach has produced continually improving ROI for his clients.

Elizabeth Sagehorn Bio

Elizabeth Sagehorn is a marketing strategist who has managed national campaigns for entertainment companies. She also has written for local, national, trade, and custom publications. She is a top-flight ghost writer for blogs and social media.

An OCD copy editor, she is one of those annoying people who visibly cringes if she spots a misplaced apostrophe. Elizabeth can get very, let’s call it focused, while researching or writing, and has been known to snarl if you interrupt her while she’s on a roll.

She is grateful that Don is the public face of their company. He is a much nicer person than her, and marrying him was the smartest thing she ever did.


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