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wtft-WebMaktingClixBIGTo get on a search engine’s first page you need SEO content marketing that’s

Write the First Time.

Words matter. If your content isn’t on a search engine’s first page, you don’t exist.

Working under our Write the First Time brand, we improve your page rank by crafting content that uses analytics and search trends to get inside your visitors’ heads.

Transform your SEO marketing into relevant news they will act on (and share via social media). We understand where your audience is now and where they want to go.

Our media motivates.

Top Writing Services

Articles/Web Content/Blogging

Whether you want business, tech, entertainment, or lifestyle articles, or SEO-enhanced audience magnets, we create personalized content that draws customers to your web site.

Our SEO-robust articles rank at the very top of search engine results. How?

We don’t produce SEO keyword-rich garbage.

We produce great content that’s laser targeted to the real needs of your audience.

We’re trained to write in lightning-quick Internet time where producing eight stories is a slow day. Turn our speed to your advantage to save time, money (no production delays or missed deadlines), and headaches.

No duplicate content: All articles are 100% original. So you (and Google) won’t be seeing the same content all over the Internet. Everything is unique, crafted for your location, audience, and your….

Voice:  Who are you? What is your voice? Your tone? You can choose along the spectrum from a “hipper than thou” attitude to a “just the facts” professionalism. Or you can go for something completely different…

Funny for money: You want jokes? How many? With a former professional comedy writer and stand-up comedian on staff we can write joke-filled blogs, articles, and speeches that will entertain and engage your audience.

Length matters: Some audiences will only read 140 characters. Other markets want short 150-200 word pieces. There are firms that require analytical white papers or investigative feature articles. We write for mom & pop businesses, Fortune 500 companies, consultants, industry leaders, and national media outlets, including major consumer magazines and web sites.


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