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wtft-WebMaktingClixBIGTo get on a search engine’s first page you need SEO content marketing that’s Write The First Time.

Words matter. If your content isn’t on a search engine’s first page, you don’t exist.

Working under the Write The First Time brand, we improve your pagerank by crafting content that uses analytics and search trends to get inside your visitor’s head.

Transform your SEO marketing into relevant news they will act on (and share via social media). We understand where your audience is now and where they want to go. Our media motivates.

Top Writing Services

Articles/Web Content/Blogging

Whether you want business, tech, entertainment or lifestyle articles, or SEO-enhanced audience magnets, we create personalized content that draws customers to your web site.

Our SEO-robust articles rank at the very top of search engine results.  How?

We don’t produce SEO keyword-rich crap.

We produce great content that’s laser targeted to the real needs of your audience.

We’re trained to write for in lightning-quick Internet time where producing eight stories is a slow day. Turn our speed to your advantage to save time, money (no production delays or missed deadlines) and headaches.

No duplicate content: All articles are 100% original. So you (and Google) won’t be seeing the same content all over the Internet. Everything is unique, crafted for your location, audience and your…

Voice:  Who are you? What is your voice? Your tone?  You can choose along the spectrum from a “hipper than thou” attitude to a “just the facts” professionalism. Or you can go for something completely different…

Funny for money: You want jokes? How many? With a professional comedy writer and stand up comedian on staff we can write joke-filled blogs, articles and speeches that will entertain your audience.

Length matters: Some audiences will only read something 140 characters long. Other markets want short 150-200 word pieces. For others, only a long analytical white paper or investigative feature articles will do. We write for Mom & Pops, Fortune 500 companies, consultants, industry leaders, national media outlets, including major consumer magazines and web sites.

Book Ghostwriting

Get your manuscript in as little as 30 days.

You get the prestige of being the author of a best-selling book, and we get the fun of creating it. Writing a book is a quick way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, but not everyone has the time or expertise to do it. We have ghostwritten numerous books for industry leaders.

 working tirelessly to get your tome written and published in as little as one month. If you don’t already have a contract or agent, we can even help you self-publish.

As ghost writers, we don’t care if our name is on the book or byline as long as it is on the check.

Because our work is subject to strict non-disclosure agreements, we can’t mix names and stories. However, we can tell you that some pretty popular thought leadership content by some well known business figures originated with us.

We have produced books, articles and regular columns for well known executives, doing everything from shaping existing material written to interviewing principals and writing whole

Initially, we work with you (and your publisher) to create a detailed outline that includes much more structure than a mere table of contents.

If your piece is designed to aid people (rather than convey a life story), we will help you develop or refine a signature concept centered on a set number of principles or a mnemonic.

We then interview the subject(s), and the interviews are transcribed overnight. Additional web research is done by our research teams in India and Pakistan. Much of our initial background material is collected in a matter of days. Primary research from original documents can take longer depending on the project.

Some projects have completed first drafts in as little as a month. Two revisions later, you have a book ready for publication.

Our prices are competitive. Working from the detailed outline, we line-item the whole process so there are no surprises. Generally we charge a flat fee that represents the estimated time for the project at our hourly rate. What we charge depends on what material you bring to the table.

Per industry standards, we get 50% of the agreed upon price upon signing the contract, 25% is due on delivery of the first completed draft, 15% is due upon delivery of the first revised draft. The final 10% is due upon acceptance of the final draft.

Books, columns and articles provide incalculable value by cementing your position as a leader in your field. If you don’t have a publisher lined up, we can help you self-publish the book so you can sell it at events or in stores. You can offer it as a premium to your clients, or you can use it as an eBook to entice potential customers to register as part of a qualified sales lead generation program.

It is your book, your stepping stone to take you to the next level. Let’s get started.

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