Our SEO results:

  • Increase annualized lead volume by up to 870 times with simple site redesigns.
  • Rocket sites from page 45 of Google to page one (with no ads).
  • Multiply qualified traffic by a factor of ten (with no black hat SEO tricks).
  • Cut clients’ sales contracts closing times in half.
  • Take websites from a useless money pit to #1 sales center.
  • Streamline processes to improve sales team performance.

We use only “white hat” techniques.

Our SEO Services:

SEO Website Audit

Search engine optimization is both an art and a science, requiring a delicate balance of both. A lot of “SEO” companies will dive in and plaster a web site with what they assume are effective key words. The results are clunky to read, and ineffective at drawing appropriate traffic. That’s why we insist on doing an audit first, so we can be surgical in our precision.

As the name suggests, the SEO website audit service provides a wealth of information about the issues that are resulting in lackluster organic search engine results. We provide a comprehensive overview of the technical problems and offer solutions. The client has the choice of implementing these in-house, or asking us to do it.

In addition, we offer:

Local SEO Services

This basic solution is designed for clients who operate within a fixed local region like a city or county. For these clients, we develop a search engine optimization campaign designed around generic terms (mechanic, dry cleaner, etc.) related to their niche, combined with geo-targeted keywords (Del Mar, CA; Bexar County, TX; etc.). The pricing for this service is customized on a per-client basis.

SEO Content Writing Services

This writing service provides the client with engaging and optimized content that targets a predetermined set of keywords related to the client’s website. Our team will optimize existing content (targeted press releases, article distributions, and bylined articles), and/or produce new onsite and offsite content to build your brand and authority on the internet. We will develop a process by which your website will provide frequently updated content (typically through a blog, RSS feed, or content management system).

We also believe strongly in the implementation of social media campaigns designed to drive inbound links, directory submissions to reputable directories, and proper landing page testing and implementation for greater conversions.

Not every client needs our soup-to-nuts service. We also offer hourly consulting for companies that may want an outside, seasoned expert to give a different opinion, optimize a system, run an audit, or bring a different perspective to an internal web team that has deadlocked.