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Profile picture of don.lipperDon Lipper bio

Don has melded his impressive people, marketing, technical, and writing skills to deliver stellar online marketing results to organizations ranging from mom & pops, nonprofits, and Fortune 500s. He has been excelling with SEO and online advertising since before Google. He has been involved in social media since the dial-up days of 2400 baud modems. His data and testing-driven approach consistently produce phenomenal ROI for his clients.

Google Analytics CertifiedGoogle AdWords Certified

4x HubSpot Certified! – LEAD2CRM, a Marketing Automation Consultancy

Elizabeth Sagehorn bio

Elizabeth is a marketing strategist who has managed national campaigns for some of Hollywood’s largest entertainment companies. She also has written for local, national, trade, and custom publications. She is a top-flight researcher and ghost writer for blogs and social media.

An OCD copy editor, she is one of those annoying people who visibly cringes if she spots a misplaced apostrophe. Elizabeth can get very…let’s call it focused…while researching or writing, and has been known to snarl and bark if you interrupt her while she’s on a roll.

Elizabeth is grateful that Don is the public face of their company so she can stay holed up in her office with her tea and cat. Don is a much nicer person than she is, and marrying him was the smartest thing she ever did.