Client Reviews

photo-business-tree-growth-12670“Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, Creative. Don has been a great support writer on team WMT. He knows the art and science of SEO and speaks geek (love that!) He brings great ideas to the table and is always enhancing his work by staying up to date on the latest blog technologies. Don was also imperative to helping me coordinate 10+ years of online marketing expertise for my book, The 36 Hour Course to Online Marketing. It is a pleasure to work with someone who knows so much about writing (traditional and digital) what content works, how to develop it and how to have content get FOUND!” — Lorrie Thomas, CEO Web Marketing Therapy.

“In addition to his obvious skills as a writer and researcher, Don is also an excellent thinker and planner. He has a thorough knowledge of where technology is and where it’s going. I’ve worked with him on many projects over the years. In all cases, Don proves his worth a hundredfold by providing unique insights and intriguing suggestions to produce a much more effective final product.”  — Jonathan Lane, Creative Director, Glob World

“Don is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with. His attention to detail while remaining on-budget and on-schedule was greatly valued at Warner Bros. Online. Multi-tasking comes naturally to Don, and he is able to work on a variety of projects simultaneously while bringing each and every one finished on time. I would gladly enlist Don’s services for any project I work on. ” — Troy Rutter, Producer, Warner Bros. Online

“When the time came to source out some advertorial for a Sony Style online campaign, I did what I often do: Made a call to Don Lipper. I’ve always found I can depend on him to get me lively content, done right and on time.” — Rob Medich, Advertorial Editor, Sony Online

“You guys make it so easy, you really do get it right the first time.”– Barbara Bagwell, Producer,