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Some of our ads have doubled response rates overnight! According to Google Analytics, one series of ads got an astounding 97-98% click through rate for nine months!

We get results by testing our copy to make sure that your message connects with your highest-value clients. We’re not guessing. We can show you scientifically how and why our copy works for you.

Some of our best selling copy writing services include:

We have created lead generation ads for clients such as HP, Siemens, Packet Motion, SAP, Precision Prospects and many others. In some cases we have doubled the number of qualified leads overnight.

Our catalog copy has appeared in catalogs including Sky Mall (client: BrainX) and Sharper Image (samples currently offline, client:Arkados) .

Most businesses get press releases all wrong. Chances are yours aren’t getting you much business. We can change that. With a successful press release program we can not only raise your profile but also increase your business. How?

We use a seven-point check list to maximize the chances that a human reporter will be intrigued by your release and want to write about your company. We will also weave in Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copy that will simultaneously maximize the chance that your press releases will get the widest possible exposure on the web.

There are three things that are missing from most press kits, and that’s why most of them are a waste of trees. Having worked as a journalist for decades I know what needs to be a press kit to demand that you get more coverage. Contact us to find out more.

White papers are important as examples of thought leadership from your company. White papers can be used as sales tools, as lead generation giveaways and as platforms to promote your company, your agenda or yourself.

A white paper can also be used to test market a larger project such as a book or a seminar. White papers are among the most under-utilized weapons in your company’s arsenal. Learn how to use them to hit your target.

The easiest place to get sales is from an existing client. Unfortunately, many businesses use ham-handed CRM techniques that not only don’t result in additional sales, but can end the customer relationship. People get mad when they feel like they’ve been spammed.

A good email (or direct mail) sales letter is like a love letter to a specific person who has specific needs that only your company can fulfill. Let us help you make that love connection with your customers.

From Charles Schwab to IndyMac Bank, we’ve written copy that has created huge surges of interest in products. We know PR and IR (and the regulatory and criminal difference between the two). Let us help you navigate these difficult regulatory waters without compromising your sales potential.

Even if you’re not in the financial services sector, you still have to learn how to communicate properly with the money people.

You know your business and market better than anyone, but in this media-savvy world, empty hype won’t work with either the soccer mom or the sell-side analyst. We will help you create credibility in the marketplace. You are much more than simply the sum of your products or financial numbers. Let us tell your distinctive story to Fleet Street, Wall Street and Main Street.

  • Site Copy that sells

Even if your web site doesn’t have a hard sell, if your audience gets lost navigating your web site or trying to complete a transaction, that’s more than just a lost opportunity, that’s a dissatisfied customer. Satisfied customers will tell three people about your site. A dissatisfied customer will tell 20 people about their negative experience with your site. Let us help you close those sales and create legions of satisfied customers.

We’ve provided user-friendly marketing site copy for the following clients.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, Write the First Time, Inc. is driven to custom craft a premium brand for your products, company or even yourself.

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