Financial Writing Sample: Long Form Email – Investing

QMAXX Letter

Subject line: Eliminate this before it destroys your portfolio

Alternate subject line: Have you removed the #1 danger to your portfolio?

Can you identify the #1 threat to your portfolio? Until you remove it, your financial future is in mortal danger. You may not even be aware of how destructive this threat is.

Look in the mirror.

Your fears are destroying your returns. In the worst market in a generation, investors are no longer acting rationally. Even the smartest investors are losing fortunes. Reacting to every horrific headline, you’ve been making decisions based on emotion rather than evidence. You sell when you should hold. You are attached to that stinker stock you should have dumped ages ago.

Most investors are petrified, sitting on their hands when they should be snatching up once-in-a-lifetime bargains. This disastrous market is causing blind panic and preventing you from finding hidden gems that match your investment goals. Now is your chance at a real deal-changer.

Here’s the ace up your sleeve. A market expert and former NASA scientist has invented an extraordinary tool to help you recover these lost opportunities. How?

Stay above the Fray

You’re smart. You don’t trust the talking heads. You want to perform the research yourself. But in this punishing market, you need an edge. Maybe you have the right strategy for your goals, but your tactics could use some refining. You need an investment research tool that takes the emotion out of the equation. You need a web application with a rigorously scientific approach that eliminates decision-making based on fear, panic, greed or surrender.

You can beat the gurus (with this stick).

QMAXX is the objective advisor that will allow you to find many more opportunities that others simply can’t see. This web application was designed by David Brown, Chief Market Strategist for quantitative research firm Sabrient Systems and a former NASA scientist with decades of financial industry experience, including stints as CEO of two public companies. He developed a “quant” system that offers an unbiased analysis of the numbers, free of conflicts of interest, gut-feel, whim or personal agendas. QMAXX has a library of over 50 robust multi-factor filters, each targeting value, growth or momentum investing styles. It is engineered specifically to identify stocks that are poised to outperform the market over a given timeframe. Even in this nightmare market, you can calmly turn a profit.

Why does QMAXX work in “the worst market since the Great Depression”? Large institutional investors have long used sophisticated quantitative analysis that allows them to see opportunities beyond the panicked groupthink. Now this systematic secret for outperforming the market is available to you. QMAXX allows you to keep your head, while all those around you are losing theirs.


You know Sabrient’s BUY rated stocks are poised to OUTPERFORM THE MARKET.

But which of those stocks has the characteristics that are IMPORTANT TO YOU? The next-generation QMAXX stock search tool makes answering that question easy.

QMAXX is a web application that asks 10 high-level questions about your investing preferences, and, behind the scenes, translates those answers into a set of explicit fundamental criteria for prioritizing stocks.  It then uses those criteria to search Sabrient’s ranked database of almost 6,000 stocks, giving you a list of 10 – 50 stocks that match the profile you provided. Every stock on the list links to a Sabrient SmartStock report so you can see for yourself why we have rated it a Buy.

Think of QMAXX as a SUPER MAGNET that zaps the exact needles you’re seeking to the top of the haystack!

Even in this turbulent market, QMAXX finds stocks that you can profit from. With a few simple clicks you can find:

  • High-ranking growth stocks or GARP stocks that exhibit “growth at a reasonable price.”
  • Stocks with the strongest momentum.
  • Stocks with the highest insider buying.
  • Undervalued stocks with the greatest potential for recovery.
  • Stocks that pay the highest and steadiest dividends.
  • Top-ranking stocks in the hottest sectors and groups.
  • Stocks that are hidden gems that have little analyst coverage and are set to benefit from the “neglected stock effect.” (This is the academically-studied phenomenon in which stocks flying under the radar of Wall Street analysts tend to outperform those with analyst coverage.)

Track record

QMAXX has an enviable market-beating track record. Even in this declining market you’d be making money instead of losing it. If you had used QMAXX in 2008, you could’ve discovered stocks like:

Stock Growth in 3 months

You can even realize profits in a matter of days, as did the readers of the QMAXX Weekly Bulletin who invested in:

Stock % Change Days
COACH INC 43.73% 29
TESCO CORP 42.49% 57
WESCO INTL INC 36.99% 49
AETNA INC 36.53% 85

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know much about these opportunities. These stocks weren’t in most people’s portfolios…unless they used QMAXX.

Secrets others have learned…

With this outstanding performance track record, is it any wonder Sabrient’s technology has so many fans?

“I love you guys. Your stuff delivers more alpha than any product I’ve ever seen.”

— S.W., a hedge fund manager in San Francisco, CA

“As an investment advisor for more than 40 years, I have seen, tested and used numerous research tools, and I’ve watched a host of analysts and firms come and go. However, Sabrient’s models have worked extremely well for me, particularly in neutral and up market cycles. So, for an investor who seeks to improve “hit” rate and investment returns, I wholeheartedly recommend Sabrient.”

— R.H., an investment advisor in Atlanta, GA

“You have put together a very nice website with tools and products that can be extremely valuable to portfolio managers and investors alike.”

— Matt Brown,, New York, NY

“I was told by the head guy at [boutique investment firm in San Francisco], that everybody there is raving about the Sabrient product. Great job!

— W.C., a hedge fund manager in San Francisco, CA

“We remain interested in partnering with Sabrient on [another] fund . . . The long-term potential is unlimited.

— M.K., a high-performing fund client in Potomac, MD

“I am very impressed with the capabilities and potential of Sabrient for making money in all market environments . . ..”

— J.H., a hedge fund manager in Santa Barbara, CA

Sabrient’s strong performance, quality reports, and broad coverage have made us a key independent research provider to the world’s top investment banks (including Lehman Bros, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, Piper Jaffray, and Thomas Weisel). Sabrient also serves E*TRADE Canada.

You get so much more

As if the ability to get unparalleled analysis from a world-class stock screener wasn’t enough, with QMAXX you also get:

  • Access to almost 6,000 SmartStock reports, complete with Sabrient’s Buy/Hold/Sell ratings at no additional charge!
  • The QMAXX Weekly Bulletin, which provides a host of data about the current market and where the sectors are going in the near term.
  • Long Term Forecasts: You can sign up for our free monthly newsletter, What the Market Wants, written by David Brown, Sabrient’s Chief Market Strategist.
  • As an added bonus you’ll get a free copy of Sabrient’s “Baker’s Dozen” Top Stocks for 2009 report!

Once you realize the value of QMAXX you’ll want to keep your information current to get the timeliest data available. Every week you’ll discover exciting new stock investing opportunities that are flying under everyone else’s radar.


We believe in QMAXX so much that you can try this incredible investing tool risk-free for a whole month at no cost to you. Think about it, you can use this system every day for a month and get a year’s worth of solid investment picks that fit your exact goals.

There are no strings attached: No invoices to cancel, no obligation to continue, just a golden opportunity to sample the top resource for self-directed investors.

For this special offer, please go to

Please note, however, this is a limited time offer, expiring at the end of the day, midnight, on Monday, [DYNAMIC DATE].



Scott Martindale

Senior Managing Director

Sabrient Systems LLC


Remember, with every terrifying headline the need for QMAXX proves itself. If you’re tired of watching your portfolio circle the drain, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying QMAXX for free. Just think about all the valuable benefits you’ll get:

  • Access to unbiased, institutional-quality stock research, updated every week.
  • The ability to leverage the knowledge and experience of a top-ranked research firm.
  • The simplicity and reliability of a well-tested quantitative approach, with the flexibility to instantly adapt to changes in market preferences.

You’ve just got to try it:

Sabrient’s QMAXX search tool is provided for informational purposes only, as are the SmartStock research reports it accesses.  Neither constitutes a solicitation to buy nor an offer to sell securities.

While QMAXX, similar to all stock screeners, accepts user input to identify stocks characteristics of particular interest, Sabrient takes no responsibility for the appropriateness of any user’s input to their individual investment objectives or their specific financial situations.  Further, QMAXX should be viewed only as a search tool to Sabrient’s database of SmartStock reports, which do not address individual investment objectives or financial situations.


SmartStock reports are based upon data from sources believed to be reliable, but Sabrient makes no representation as to the data’s adequacy, accuracy, completeness or timeliness.  The analysis used in preparing these reports may also be used in the preparation of other research products which may reflect distinct investment objectives. Sabrient accepts no liability for any loss arising from any use of these reports or the QMAXX search tool.