Get $10,000/month Worth of Free Ads for Your Nonprofit

Let us manage a Google Grants campaign worth $10,000 a month for your nonprofit.

We are proud to be able to earmark some of our professional time and expertise to nonprofit groups both in northern California and elsewhere.

Having worked and volunteered in public radio and television stations on both coasts, we value the contributions that not for profit organizations make to their communities, and are aware of the unique challenges that they face. We want to do our part in keeping those wheels on and running smoothly.

Raise awareness through nonprofit advertising.

Run text ads on Google Search results with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month. Reach new advocates for your cause while saving resources for what matters most.

Grow your nonprofit funding network.

Track online donations, newsletter signups, and volunteer registrations to stay aware of those who drive your organization forward.

Grow Your Nonprofit: 530-852-0310