Our Process

How We Create Your Success:

“I can give you a six-word formula for success: Think things through – then follow through.”
– Edward Rickenbacker, American WWI Fighter Ace.

Marketing Follow Through

Most plans fail because people don’t follow through. That’s frustrating for everyone. Don’t worry, we will keep you on track.

Our touch can be as light as a marketing coach keeping you on target with regular sessions. Or we can handle all of your marketing.

Step 1: Thinking Things Through

What you will get:

A detailed Competitive Analysis & Action Plan:

Competitive Analysis:

  • The competitions’ sites. What works and what doesn’t.

  • A comparison of their messaging vs. yours.

  • A look at the keywords that the competition is ranking for, both in organic and paid searches.

  • How much the competition is spending on PPC ads (Adwords, etc.).

  • Where they are advertising.

  • How they are using social media most effectively.

Detailed Action Plan:

  • Site improvements (including code) you can make immediately that will improve your results.

  • Social Media Strategy.

  • Online Advertising (keywords, ad placement, localization strategies).

  • Content Marketing Editorial Calendar (blogs, tutorials, videos, checklists, etc.)

With this document you can take charge of your marketing efforts with the full confidence of an evidence-based approach.

If you’re not sure you can fully execute this plan yourself, you’ll probably get the best results with our professional plan.

Step 2: Following Through

Our ongoing services include:

  • SEO/analytics, supervision, maintenance.

  • Social media (daily) on various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+, etc.) reputation audits and management, maintenance.

  • Content Marketing: Blog posts (two per week) fully ghostwritten or just outlined for you to write. Content creation of tutorials, videos, and other high value content that users crave.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Design, budgeting, implementation, and supervision of online and other advertising efforts.

  • Split testing: For retail and ecommerce sites with high traffic, we will also recommend a program of split testing homepages and landing pages. We test everything.

  • Monthly audit reports sent to your team.

We customize this program based on your needs and your industry’s best practices. We treat your budget like our own, pinching pennies to get the greatest ROI.


Our team will analyze your market in depth. We will examine:

You: We take the time the time to really learn:

  • Your business
  • Your market (both geographically and across the web)
  • How you find clients (and how they find you)
  • Your product(s)
  • Your practices
  • How your team works best

Your competitors: We learn everything we can about:

  • How your competitors are beating you.
  • What their websites do right and wrong.
  • What keywords they have optimized around.
  • What online ads they have purchased.
  • What is the reach of their social media.
  • Which strategies worked and which didn’t.

Your industry: We examine your industry’s best practices on:

  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • The month-to-month cycles of your business (when various keywords, topics and products get the most attention).